Mudjatik Enterprises is a joint venture of First Nations bands and Métis communities managed by Tron. It acts as vehicle to create partnerships for Métis and First Nations groups that promote training, development and economic advancement.


This joint venture between Mudjatik Enterprises and Thyssen Mining was created to undertake mining contract work in northern Saskatchewan.  Other partners include a number of First Nations bands and Métis communities. MTM is managed by Tron and brings capital and employment to more than 13 communities in the north.


Services include:

  • Civil and mine construction
  • Project management
  • Mine development (level, ramp and raise)
  • Mine operation (stoping, tramming, hauling)
  • Ground stabilization and water control
  • Mechanical/electrical installations
  • Civil tunneling
  • Raise boring
  • Shaft sinking
  • Shaft boring
  • Ground Freezing
  • Shotcreting
  • Grouting

Thyssen Mining has been a leading mining contractor and world leader in shaft sinking since 1960. Thyssen has introduced multiple innovations to North America, including the freezing technology used to sink over a dozen shafts in the Canadian potash industry. With a continual focus on “Safety, Quality, and Cost”, Thyssen Mining continues to be on the forefront of mining technology and development, working with clients and suppliers to make mining safer and more cost effective in an increasingly competitive industry.